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Welcome to the Twig Science Digital Sampler

Twig Science is a phenomena-based, investigation-driven K–6 program from global STEM experts and award-winning storytellers built for the California Next Generation Science Standards.

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Program Components

Digital Pathway

An intuitive and collaborative online platform where students and teachers have 24-7 access to a complete range of rich media, award-winning videos, and investigations.

Leveled Readers

High-interest, magazine-style, and phenomena-based leveled readers for Above-level, On-level, Below-level, and English Learner students.

Professional Learning

Unpacks science content into quick and easy nuggets of information, with clear definitions, simple diagrams, and stunning visuals.

Interactive Media

Beautifully designed, instructionally sequenced resources, including activities, diagrams, and images.

Hands-On Lab Kits

Twig Science Lab Kits are clearly labeled, simply organized, and available for each module, with replenishment kits available for consumable items. Additionally, Twig Science offers grade-level Science Essentials Kits, providing key equipment to ensure you have all you need to roll out amazing hands-on investigations.

Student Twig Book

Colorful, all-in-one experiential text and investigation notebook to model, annotate, promote discourse and capture three-dimensional student thinking.

Teacher Edition

Available in print and digital. Modular Teacher Editions are accessible, comprehensive, and versatile.

Assessment Suite

Assessment strategies measure what students know and are able to do, stress performance tasks, and include multiple measures of student performance, such as written assignments, collaborative engineering design tasks, and oral presentations.

Additional resources from Twig Education

Explore these bonus components of the Twig Science digital pathway!

Builds Performance Expectation background knowledge within and across Grades K–5!

Choose from thousands of tools to supplement your classroom instruction or promote independent student learning.

Apply Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) to real-world science news.

From weather warnings to trending technology, Twig Science Reporter introduces your students to the latest topical science news from around the world, alongside classroom activities that put Science and Engineering Practices into action!

  • Topical science news and informational text articles for Grades 2–6
  • Entertaining Curious Questions and Crazy Creatures short films for Grades K–6
  • Meet scientists and learn about a wide range of STEM careers
  • Build connections between Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs) and the wonder of science in everyday life!